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  • Free gift delivery

    You only pay for the gifts you send, no fees to pay. No commitment, and no obligations.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes, there are no fees, you only pay for the gifts. GiftPay negotiates volume discounts with the gift card merchants, and this small discount on the cost of the gift cards allows us to offer this service to you for free.

  • Optional upgrades available

    GiftPay also offers optional upgrades such as custom branding, custom integration, and priority support as premium paid upgrades. Call us to discuss pricing for these premium add-ons.

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  • Pay as you go

    There is no need to buy and store gifts in advance. Only pay for the gifts you need to send now.

  • No expiry risk

    Unlike buying gift cards yourself, there's no danger of gifts expiring in storage before you can deliver them.

  • Custom branding

    Customise the design of your gift with your own branded header.

Send gifts to 1 or 10,000 recipients in just a few minutes

  • £5 to £500

    Select any gift value, ranging from £5 to £500.

  • Gift message

    Include a message to all recipients.

  • Bulk upload

    Bulk upload recipients' email addresses from an Excel file.

Gift recipients receive their gift via email

  • Instant email delivery

    Your gifts are delivered instantly to thousands of recipients via email.

  • Schedule your gifts

    You can send immediately, or easily schedule your gifts to be sent at a specific date and time in the future.

  • Delivery tracking

    Track whether each recipient has collected their gift.

  • Easy resends

    Easily resend any gift free of charge if it is not received.

Simple and convenient options for recipients to enjoy their gift

  • Recipients choose

    Recipients can then choose from a range of store gift cards and vouchers, including major retailers, entertainment venues, dining, online shopping, and more. View the full range...

  • Smartphone & tablet compatible

    Each egift card works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with internet access. Recipients can access their gift anytime and anywhere they need to.

  • Charity

    The recipient can even choose to donate their gift directly to charity.

Additional gift card delivery options

  • Text message/SMS delivery

    Send gift cards to any mobile phone number at no additional cost, for when you don't have the recipient's email address.

  • Printed gift vouchers

    If you need to hand over the gift in person, printed gift vouchers leverage the cost and time savings of GiftPay but can be delivered in a physical format.

  • Bulk gift card URLs

    Download gift card links in bulk, and then import them into your own inventory management or delivery system, for the ultimate in control.

  • API integration

    Our powerful API (Application Programming Interface) allows for gift delivery automation and real-time fulfilment.

Powerful advanced features put you in control

  • Multiple user accounts

    Give a separate user account to each of your staff and manage and monitor all their gift deliveries centrally.

  • Multiple programs

    Create separate gift delivery programs for different departments, campaigns or projects within your company. Each program can have different branding, different budget limits, and more.

  • Delivery approval workflows

    Setup advanced workflows so that gift cards must be approved by a second person before delivery.