The Honeypot Children's Charity £20 Donation

Minimum 6 months validity

The Honeypot Children’s Charity is the only charity in the UK that provides vital annual respite breaks, ongoing outreach services and a range of other support services for young carers between the ages of 5-12. These are selfless children who are the main carers in their household, caring for sickly and disabled parents and often younger siblings too. Honeypot directly addresses the profound health and education needs of the children it helps in several impactful, life changing ways with the following methods: Respite Homes, Outreach Services, Social and Emotional Active Learning (SEAL), Tailored Learning, Digital Inclusion, Transition Programme. Our mission is therefore for young carers and vulnerable children to make the most of their one chance at childhood.

There are small transaction charges associated with processing charity gift cards. These are deducted and the balance is donated directly to the charity. Typically these charges are 2% or less.

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